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Greenbag enhances the professional career of musicians (and events) by applying the following 6 modules:

Branding is the most important added value to enhance an artist’s career. Greenbag translates the prime musical motive (USP) into a clear message for the right audience.
music rights
Greenbag ensures the creators gets paid what they deserve in terms of all copy- and related rights. We intermediate between all copyright organizations and artists.
digital distribution
Musicians need to get heard. We intermediate between artists and digital aggregators. Plus, our musicians can have their albums for sale in our webshop.
Greenbag has high quality expertise in every aspect of the day to day business of an artist’s carreer.
Greenbag enhances the professional creativity of artists. We provide aid, advise and feedback to help them achieve their artistic- and business targets.
Greenbag can take care of the (pre-)production of all music related events.


Coen Floren

Coen Floren

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