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“Tocar” (Spanish) means to touch, to feel, to handle, to contact, to sound, to play… the music of Tocar is about the joy of life and sensuality. Music that seduces you and touches you with the excitement of the unknown, the desire to relax and have thrilling experiences at the same time. The space you experience in nature, the freedom you feel while travelling. A warmth that embraces you and a breeze that caresses you.

Tocar displays a musical openness and it keeps exploring and crossing musical boundaries: tango, latin, jazz… Tocar is inspired by music from Astor Piazzolla, Bill Evans, and Chick Corea. Different genres are mixed together, just like mixing herbs and spices in an exotic dish.

The men of Tocar are experienced musicians. Accordionist Rik Cornelissen (1984) played with Bert van den Brink, Juan Pablo Dobal and Ben van Dungen. The pianist, Wim Warman (1969) worked with Carel Kraayenhof, Martin Verdonk, Yo-Yo Ma and is the orchestrator for Tango Extremo. Bass player Taco Nieuwenhuizen (1964) played with Lori Spee, José Koning, Denise Jannah and Jhelisa Anderson (USA). Enrique Firpi (1960), drums, worked with Deborah J. Carter, Randal Corsen, Laura Fygi, Gerardo Rosales, Leonardo Amuedo and Lilian Vieira.

The jazz influence of accordionist Rik Cornelissen, the tango and Latin approach of Wim Warman, the melodious solos of bass player Taco Nieuwenhuizen and the subtle and cast-iron groove of drummer Enrique Firpi combine to make Tocar a unique and exciting band. Taste the adventure!

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