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Eric van der Westen – The Crown & Lobster Trilogy Part I: PTM (XS) Modus Operandi (2021)


“On October 24 2020 I invited these great musicians for a recording session which would be a little different from their usual modus operandi. Without any rehearsals and with only minor preperation this album was recorded in the way our great jazz and soul ancestors used to work in the 50’s and 60’s before dubbing and editing was readily available.
It was enough to explain the traffic (meaning how to deal with intros, choruses, verses, repeats and endings) and to do a onetime, even partial, run through. Then we recorded all the pieces 2 or 3 times and selected the best takes. Using this process enahnces the spontaneity, originality and outspoken tone of voice.
Improvising simultaneously, effortlessly grooving, sensing, phrasing and modelling the music on the spot is the best way to get an insight view of the top quality of these musicians. I’m convinced that if you dare to take the time to really dig deep into our music, you’ll find the beauty, joy and warmth we encountered while recording it.”
– Eric van der Westen

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Eric van der Westen
The Crown & Lobster Trilogy Part I: PTM (XS) Modus Operandi

Aron Raams – Guitars
Jeroen van Vliet – Keys
Dirk-Peter Kölsch – Drums
Eric van der Westen – Electric Bass

01 – Keep On Moving (8:19)
02 – Methamphetamorphose (8:02)
03 – Like It Or Not (5:55)
04 – Aggregates (4:53)
05 – In The Light (8:35)

All compositions by Eric van der Westen
Recorded 24/10/2020 at Studio Cube, Rossum, The Netherlands by Arthur Theunissen
Mixed by Arthur Theunissen & Eric van der Westen
Mastered by Peter Brussee @ Q-Point, Hilversum, The Netherlands
All design by Susan van Mourik

Label: EWM Music

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