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Bart Flos – Roots & Reflections [3CD] (2019)


Order the new Bart Flos 3-doublealbum “Roots & Reflections” now!

Disc one features tracks by Bart Flos solo, while disc two features the Bart Flos Trio with Eric van der Westen on double bass and Marc Schenk on drums, and disc three is an exclusive bonus CD with alternate takes (not available digitally).

Release date: October 25th 2019.

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Bart Flos – Piano
Eric van der Westen – Double Bass*
Marc Schenk – Drums*

Disc 1 Bart Flos Solo
That first idea in 2013, the composition Origin Alpha Prime, ultimately resulted in the biggest NextSteps Project so far: Stage 6, the creation of the Jazz Suite Roots & Reflections. After recording digital Concept Audio Files and deriving the subsequent Sheet Music (part 1), a selection of compositions of this jazz suite was played solo at the grand piano (part 2). It provides you with the idea that this jazz suite is like a musical family: all compositions are interconnected, related and intertwined; they influence each other.
Tracklist CD1 Solo:
01 – Origin Alpha Prime
02 – Sidesteps
03 – My Explanation (1)
04 – Spare Time
05 – Autumn Leaves (3)
06 – Can You See
07 – Salsa Sweets
08 – Origin Delta Six
09 – Made-up Minds
10 – Free Speech
11 – Lost in Limbo
12 – Green over Blue (2)
13 – Song for Paul
14 – Second Thoughts
15 – Final Notes

Disc 2 Bart Flos Trio (w/ Eric van der Westen & Marc Schenk)*
After almost 25 years I was eager to see my Jazz Suite Roots & Reflections reflected in a jazz trio again as part of the NextSteps Projects Stage 6. Therefore it was a great experience to see my music being fortified by such awesome musicians as Eric van der Westen on bass and Marc Schenk on drums. The trio album contains different jazz styles: swing, blues, latin and fusion as part of that musical family that I intended to convey with my jazz suite. Therefore all compositions are interconnected, related and intertwined; they influence each other.
Tracklist CD2 Trio:
01 – Origin Alpha Prime
02 – My Explanation (1)
03 – Free Speech
04 – Minor Differences
05 – Blues Buddies
06 – Schizophrame
07 – A Slightly Purple Blue Bossa
08 – Origin Beta Four
09 – A Greener Shade of Blue (2)
10 – Can You See
11 – Origin Delta South
12 – My Explanation in Short (1)
13 – Four Conversations and a Monologue
14 – Origins’ Roots Rested

Disc 3 Bonus CD (not available digitally)
All the albums produced under NextSteps Projects are available on all streaming platforms. But for this special occasion as part of NextSteps Projects Stage 6 I have also released a Triple-CD Jazz Album containing three discs: solo, trio and a bonus CD. The bonus CD with alternate and bonus takes however is only available with the Triple-CD Album and can be obtained only through various webshops.
Tracklist CD3 Bonus:
01 – Origin Delta Six (solo alt. take)
02 – Autumn Leaves (3) (solo alt. take)
03 – My Explanation (1) (solo alt. take)
04 – Can You See (solo alt. take)
05 – Free Speech (solo alt. take)
06 – Song for Paul (solo alt. take)
07 – Rise and Fall (solo bonus take)
08 – Blues for Hans (solo bonus take)
09 – Autumn Leaves (3) (solo alt. take 2)
10 – Origin Alpha Prime (trio alt. take)
11 – A Slightly Purple Blue Bossa (trio alt. take)
12 – Free Speech (trio alt. take)
13 – Origin Beta Four (trio alt. take)
14 – My Explanation (1) (trio alt. take)

All compositions written and arranged by Bart Flos unless otherwise indicated.
(1) Comp. Fields, McHugh e.a., arr. Bart Flos, (2) Comp. Davis, arr. Bart Flos. (3) Comp. Kosma, arr. Bart Flos.
Recorded Dec 17th – 21st 2018 (digital Solo), Jan 8th – 10th 2019 (acoustic Solo),  April 14th – 19th 2019 (acoustic Bart Flos Trio) at Studio Cube, Rossum, The Netherlands,
Recording Engineers: Arthur Theunissen and Luuk Bergervoet.
Sheet music by Luuk Bergervoet and Bart Flos.
Initial editing by Bart Flos.
Edited, mixed and mastered January through June 2019 by Arthur Theunissen.
Initial cover design and mock-up by Bart Flos.
Photography by Hans Keur,
Graphic design by Anouk Paap,
Produced by NextSteps Projects
Executive producer: Bart Flos

Label: Bart Flos Music / NextSteps Projects

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